Travis Walton the Movie Trailer

Jennifer Stein about the documentary

Producers / Co-Producers

Jennifer Stein

Jennifer W. Stein, director and executive producer began this project in 2013 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of this historic UFO event, capturing personal testimonies on camera, offering a new perspective for an amazing story.

Bob Terrio

Since the mid 1970’s he has worked in all aspects of the film/video industry as producer, director, photographer, editor, audio and lighting tech for clients that include Merck Pharma., Johnson & Johnson, QVC-TV, PA MUFON, Unisys, McNeil Pharma., NFL Films, The Devereux Foundation and others.

Ben Hansen

Ben Hansen graduated from the University of Utah and went to work investigating child physical abuse and sex crimes at the state level for several years before moving on to work for the FBI.

Ron James

Ron James played several roles in creating elements of the film, its supporting graphics and materials, including directing and creating special effects sequences and production support.

Behind the scenes

  • What an awesome movie by awesome film producer Jen Stein! Once you see "Travis" will never be the same! It's such an important film for historical reasons with dramatic twists and turns so well documented. Jen touches the real life emotional impact the UFO event continues to have on Travis Walton, crew, law enforcement officials and all involved, even to this day more than 40 years later! A must watch for all!
  • Jennifer Stein's documentary TRAVIS is perhaps one of the very best documentaries I have ever seen. Travis' Nov.5th, 1975 abduction experience is a historical, psychological  and geopolitical event that is beautifully and accurately stored on film for future generations. (more…)
  • Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Filmmaker Jen Stein historically, physically and emotionally took me there! This well executed documentary on Travis Waltons outrageous story of alien abduction made me want to embrace all the men involved especially Travis to tell them they were safe, it would be ok and that they were modern day heroes. I learned, I felt and I believe!”
  • I have to say congratulations, I absolutely love the segment.  The droning of the music heightens the suspense for me. The look of terror on Travis’s face is believable. It draws me in.  Very well done.
  • This feature length documentary film is about the life of Travis Walton and about his 1975 abduction experience, as well as the lives of others touched by this event, as well as its greater implications to our understanding of the UFO phenomenon overall. As an Associate Producer of this film I’m biased of course, but I can tell you for a fact that “Travis” is not just a world-class UFO documentary. It’s a world-class documentary, period. (more…)

This definitive documentary film is now available on Amazon Prime with subtitles in French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, as well as English for the hearing impaired.