Travis- The True Story of Travis Walton is the definitive documentary film about a 45-year history of events resulting from a startling UFO encounter on November of 1975 which forever changed the lives of 7 loggers who witness this event. The years of sworn testimony, multiple polygraph examinations, with numerous specialists looking at this data over decades, along with physical trace evidence, provide the preponderance of evidence enabling this case to be considered one of the most significant UFO cases ever. The facts surrounding this case continued to reveal pieces of evidence, year after year, as diss informants continue to try to invent alternative stories to explain it away. Stanton Friedman in this short little video clip reviews the classic diss informants’ style and approach used to attack most UFO cases. Stanton acted as an associate producer on this film and our revised 45th anniversary edition that was released in 2017 is dedicated to him. Stanton had studied this case for decades. Stanton wrote a film treatment for the first documentary done in 1978 by producer Brandon Chase called “UFOs are Real.” This film can be found on-line and provides one of the first in depth look at this case way back in 1978.