2015 EBE Film Awards

Alejandro Rojas from Open Minds UFOC awards Ron James and Jennifer Stein, and Bob Terrio a second EBE film festival award called “The People’s Choice Award” at the International UFO Congress Film Festival in Scottsdale Arizona, February 22nd2015, for their 90 minute documentary film “Travis - The True Story of Travis Walton.” To date this film has won 28 mainstream film festival awards internationally. Jennifer Stein comments excepts the award, acknowledging the collaboration the filmmakers involved in this project, and researchers, UFO experts, logging crew members, police, and polygraph experts who assisted her in this five year film making journey.

Interview with Travis and Jennifer

In May 2017 the 90-minute award winning documentary film “TRAVIS - The True Story of Travis Walton” had a premier screening at the State Theatre in Ithaca New York. This unique art house and cinema venue was grateful to Post this screening with Travis Walton, who along with filmmaker Jennifer Stein and local author and writer Peter Robbins answered two hours of questions to an engaged audience following screening of the film. Travis Walton and Jennifer Stein are interviewed by the radio podcast host of “Where Did the Road Go” outside the theater during the films screening.

Interview with Jennifer

Part one of a  two part interview of Jennifer Stein with Stan Mallow, host of  “Paranormal Yakker” to discuss and promote  her documentary, Travis – The True Story of Travis Walton. 

See the YouTube video here.

Nathan J. Gordon

Jennifer Stein interviewed Nathan J. Gordon, for an independent opinion of the multiple polygraph examinations taken by both Travis Walton and the six other logging crew members, over the this 1975 event. President at International Society of Polygraph Examiners and Keystone Intelligence Network, Inc. Nathan J. Gordon is, an expert forensic psychophysiologist and an internationally recognized expert in the field of Forensic Assessment Interviewing and Interrogation.

Mr. Gordon, a recognized innovator in the field of truth verification, has had his work recognized in publications among which is, Forensic Psychophysiology; Use of The Polygraph, by James Allen Matte.

For additional information about Mr. Nate Gordon: https://www.nategordon.co.za/nathanjgordon/

Sky Fire Summit 40th Anniversary conference

Two historic conferences took place in Heber Arizona on November 5th 2014 and 2015. Guest speakers included: Tracy Torme, Paramount Pictures producer of “Fire in the Sky.” Stanton Friedman, Richard Dolan, Ben Hansen, Kathleen Marden, Peter Robbins, Don Schmidt, Ben Hansen, Linda Moulton Howe, Alejandro Rojas, Deputy Chuck Ellison, Mike Rodgers, John Goullette, Steve Piece, Travis Walton, documentary film producer’s Jennifer W. Stein and James Fox.

Interview with Travis and Jennifer

Filmmaker and local show host, Jennifer Stein, interviews Travis Walton for Main Line Television in Radnor Pennsylvania. This video segment was created specifically for viewers to comprehend what Travis remembers during his time when he awoke on board a craft of unknown origin.

Travis encounters two types of species, apparently working together, who apparently were caring for him. While one of these species could have been human, Travis remains uncertain. These on board the craft memories were present in Travis mind clearly when he awoke later on the side of highway 260 outside of Heber Arizona, and remain fascinating to psychologists, hypnotherapist, police, polygraph experts, and ufologist to this day.

Travis Walton the Movie one minute Trailer

“Travis- The True Story of Travis Walton” is the definitive documentary film about a 45-year history of events resulting from a startling UFO encounter on November of 1975 which forever changed the lives of 7 loggers who witness this event. There is a paper trail of evidence connected to this case that is a mile-long and covering 4 decades.

Stanton Friedman on Philip J. Klass

Stanton Friedman speaks about Philip J. Klass in this short interview clip. Filmed in Heber Arizona in 2014 at the “Sky Fire Summit Conference” held at the Bison Ranch. Stanton speaks about his relationship Philip Klass and Klass’ efforts to cover up of UFO stories for decades. Stanton closes with his thoughts on what the UFO phenomena ultimately means for humanities future. The revised 2017 documentary is dedicated to Stanton Friedman and the additional logging crew members who are no longer living.

This definitive documentary film is now available on Amazon Prime with subtitles in French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, as well as English for the hearing impaired.