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TRAVIS, A New Documentary Film

Radnor, PA –Filmmaker Jennifer W. Stein and co producer Bob Terrio won two EBE awards at the Open Minds film festival in Scottsdale, AZ February 28, 2015. This was Jennifer’s 4th EBE award.

“Travis” is a 90-minute documentary film recounting the now world- famous 1975 UFO abduction of Travis Walton and the impact it has had on his and on the lives of others who were also involved. You can view the trailer.

Watch a January, 2015 interview that executive producer Jennifer Stein made with Ron James, founder of Ivolve TV, a new online streaming program that addresses some of the bigger questions facing humanity.

Travis premiered at the 2015 International UFO Congress Film Festival in Scottsdale, AZ where it swept the ‘EBE’ Awards for Best Long Documentary film and the People’s Choice Award. For more information please visit Screening requests can be sent to Jennifer W. Stein,

Travis – The True story of Travis Walton, was three years in the making. All living members of the original logging crew are featured. Current and archived interviews are woven of the police sheriff, the chief polygraph expert for Arizona in 1975, as well as UFO experts Stanton Friedman, Kathy Marden, Ben Hansen, James Fox, Peter Robbins, and Lee Speigel.

The true story has never been told in a documentary and Jennifer believed the time had come to capture these interviews and testimonies on film for the next generation.

2015 marks the 40th anniversary of the Travis Walton incident with a UFO Conference in Heber, AZ that included screening TRAVIS, a tour of the actual forest incident location and a weekend with top experts in the field. . Event coordinators included Travis Walton, Karen Brard, Peter Robbins, Ron Williams, Ben Hansen, and Stacy Wright and Jim Mann.

For more information about the film visit:

The film is on sale at  Contact Jennifer W. Stein for screenings.

PS. Jennifer is also a State Section Director for PA MUFON


Stein said, “I acknowledge the bravery of Travis and his fellow logging crew-members who could have debunked this story because of the unfavorable media attention it was getting. They could have saved themselves from years of ridicule and claimed it was all a hoax, but they never did…. They all stuck to the truth their story, all these 40 years in spite of the ridicule they endured. The film is a personal interest story into how this event challenged their lives and changed their lives forever.”

This three-year project would not have been possible without the amazing cast and crew who lent their talents and support to the project.  Our list of crew, researchers, and support staff is listed at the EKP/Synopsis/Media Kit  page of the web site.

Bob Terrio was co-producer, with additional support provided by
Adam Stein from Bloomgarden films( LA) Zachary Weil from Two of Us Productions (LA), associate producers, Peter Robbins, Ron James, Stanton Freidman, Brian Farrell, Gary Hilton, Ben Hansen, and Travis Walton.

Read Astronaut Edgar Mitchell’s an impressive endorsement for the film.

This three-year project would not have been possible without the support of support staff listed in the film credits and the media page of the web site.

Stein said, “Bob Terrio and I undertook this project with Travis because Hollywood would not, or could not tell the true story of Travis Walton. We don’t need to make these stories up, that only confuses everyone, and the truth is more interesting.”

Their goal: to make a documentary that was not a UFO film, but a great documentary about what happened to a logging crew in 1975 in Heber, Arizona; because this event could have happened to anyone. Their hope: that the film serves as a breakthrough in traditional film festivals, opening minds not necessarily interested in the UFO phenomena who may find compassion for Travis and his logging crew.

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